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 Grocery Store  Gift Cards

Supermarket Gift Cards for ShopRite and Stop & Shop make wonderful holiday or hostess gifts for the loved ones on your list who "have everything" !!  As a bonus to your purchase, our church treasury profits by 5% !
(These are sold at face value and cost nothing extra)  Purchase after church  by cash, check or credit card.
Church Phone 732-679-7499 for inquires

 Retail Gift  Cards

For those of you new to this program, this is a great way to raise money for our church at no cost to you! Simply log onto and sign up. Our organization code is REMOVED FOR SAFETY. This will link you to our church's account. You can then place an order online, anytime! Some of the retailers only list an ecard however you can print them or send them as an email right away or on a specific date. The website also has how-to videos should you need them.  You can download the app for ease of use while out and about!


Christmas Gift Card Purchases

If for some reason you are not able to order online, see the Retailer Listing. Keep in mind that the list of retailers and denominations can change so if you are placing a paper order make sure you check the website before giving Sue your order to be sure the retailer and denomination you want are still available. Sunday, December 10th. If you would like to order, the deadline is 12:00 p.m. on the 10th

Order Form for printing 

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